Hello Writing World!

My entrance into the professional writing realm has come unexpected and swift. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my journey that has led me to this point, you may or may not be interested. Nearly four months ago I began writing for an introduction to news writing class. Per one of our assignments, a film critique on the Hunger Games, I submitted it to Rottentomatoes.com, and it was overnight success. The mainstream media caught sight upon my witty and original writing and deemed it…epic enough. That leads me to where I am now, currently writing professionally as a freelance film critic.

There must be a gigantic need for film critics because I feel that my work isn’t necessarily that great. Instead, I feel it is a below average attempt at putting personality behind a pre-written script. Either way, they are paying me by the boatloads and flying me back-and-forth from LA to NY. I really can’t complain, just don’t let the 40 year-old-women that are the main demographic for my critiques hear this, or I could really be in trouble. The writing world is fierce and highly competitive, but to them I say, “Bring it On!”

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